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Design Support Tools for Proper Selecting of Electronic Components

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No More Tedious Searching! 
The Easy Way to Use Murata´s “SimSurfing” Design Support Tools for Proper Selecting of  Electronic Components

Datum und Uhrzeit

16.04.2024 | 10:00-11:00 Uhr


Uwe Mirschberger & Erina Yoshioka
Product Manager EMI Supression Filters and Inductors
Murata Electronics Europe B.V.


Simulation and digital modeling of electronic circuits have been standard practice in development departments for quite some time.

However, an ongoing challenge still is to “break down” digital data to the component level in order to facilitate preselection in the simulations. This becomes in particular more significant when the data should be as close as possible to “ real “ expected measurement results and parasitic effects are taken into account.

Murata´s software tools help and support in such requirements. Using the  "Characteristics Viewer"  you can get accurate characteristics data to select the appropriate electronic components for your circuit designs. The  "Selection Tool" allows to analyze circuit configurations and their behavior based on specific themes. Various components can be selected and tested out for optimization of the results. In addition relevant component data like S-parameters or Spice models can be downloaded for advanced circuit simulations.

The webinar starts with a brief introduction video focusing on “basics”  about  noise and noise suppression as well as general explanation of how to use the SimSurfing tool.  In the second part we will demonstrate in some practical examples how to utilize and efficiently use this tool  for individual circuit design developments.


Das Webinar wird in englischer Sprache abgehalten.

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